Learning Basic Roulette Rules

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For learning any game, it is very important to understand the rules of the game. It becomes more important when you are playing games which are related to gambling. Roulette is a game of gambling which is very popular in the online gambling world. In roulette, the rules and strategies are very important if you want to win. The most important rules of roulette are related to the different bets. Below mentioned are the different types of inside and outside bets and rules which will help you understand the game properly.

  • Straight-up bets– This is a classic bet in which you have to choose a number out of the 38 numbers and you should place all your chips on the same number to win at 35-1. In straight up bets, the true odds are 37-1; however, according to the rules of roulette you get a 35-1 payback. So, the two dollars goes to the online casino whenever you win a game.
  • Split bet– a bet placed on two different numbers, however, the two numbers should be side by side on the layout of the table. For doing that, you need to place the chip between the two numbers. The payback is 17-1 in this type of bet.
  • Street bet– This type of a bet is very similar to the split bet. In this type, the bet can be placed on 3 numbers; however, the numbers need to be consecutive on the table layout. You can place the chip outside the row. The payback which you get in this type of a bet is 11-1.
  • Black or Red– You can place your bet either on a red or a black number. Placing the bets can be done by placing the chips on the colored number. This is one of the most common types of betting which is done in roulette. This type of betting is really simple to understand and people have almost 50% chances of succeeding with this type of betting.
  • Odd or Even– This type of betting is done on the result where the players predict on whether the result will be an odd number or an even one. You can bet on any one of the 36 number since the number 0 does not count.
  • High or low– This betting is done on a set of numbers. You will have to predict whether the result will be a low i.e. a number between 1-18 or high i.e. a number between 19-36.

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